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Brown Alligator

Brown Alligator

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Wrist size


Regular 130x75mm
For a wrist up to 19cm or 0.4in (²⁵/₆₄).

Optional 130x90mm
For wrist bigger then 19cm or 0.4in (²⁵/₆₄).

Pansar Sweden's Signature leather straps, a testament to luxury and craftsmanship. We use only first quality raw materials in order to give the best individual wearing comfort conditions.


All Alligator skins are sourced from farms located in Louisiana, USA. Pansar Sweden has made a firm commitment to upholding the utmost standards of responsibility in alignment with the CITES agreement. We have assured that these Louisiana farms play a significant role in promoting the sustainable growth of wild alligators, thereby safeguarding this wild species.

Alligator skin ranks among the most exquisite types of leather and has emerged as one of the most coveted materials in the luxury industry. Alligator straps effortlessly blend quality, simplicity, and the highest levels of technical excellence. This specially chosen leather is acquired from the areas of the alligator where you find the smoothest and most consistently shaped scales. The straps possess a distinctive appearance owing to their regular yet still unique size and shape. Crafted by hand, the strap consists of a single layer of leather that is folded and sewn by hand.


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