The case

The watch case is made from Swedish high-grade 904L stainless steel, ensuring the highest quality in precision watch making. Our renowned case construction is a highly complex & innovative 6-part assembly with no screws ensuring a robust, durable, and waterproof case.

The movement

The open case back displays the exclusive Swiss automatic movement. Beautifully decorated with heat-blued screws, perlage finishing and polished edges. The rotor is engraved and brushed with the trademarked PS pattern.
Rigorously tested, optimized and certified to our own high standards. Assembled by our own master watchmakers to ensure high performance and adherence to uncompromising requirements in terms of precision, reliability, shock-resistance, efficient self-winding and ease of maintenance. Self-winding power reserve of 56 hours.

The crystal

Our timepieces feature sapphire crystal, a gemstone known for its exceptional durability and clarity.

The non distortion, anti-reflective coated domed crystal perfectly enhances every detail in any light.

The dial

Featuring the carefully crafted multi-layered sandwich dial with its unique PS pattern in black lacquer. Radiate from the center towards each hand applied marker.

The floating PS logotype sits proud creating a unique effect with the play of light when touching the dial. Polished chrome ring date window. Brushed and plated hour markers and hands with Swiss C-1 Superluminova™.

The crown

Inspired by the Swedish Royal Crown Jewels, the design-protected multi-faceted diamond cut crown reflects the light in a unique way. The PS signature is always centered and aligned vertically, making sure it is in its locked position.

The buckle

When you change your perspective and look past the obvious, you can see things in new ways. You discover opportunities where many do not see anything at all. With our quick adjustment buckle you can effortlessly change its size without any tools involved.

The strap

Our leather straps are the embodiment of timeless elegance, crafted from the finest hides and tanned to perfection. They're designed to complement our collection of watches and appeal to those who appreciate the enduring beauty of natural materials.

The oak box

The exclusive watch box is carefully crafted in oak by our Swedish fine-carpenters. The exterior box is wrapped in Royal Blue Bloc™ material and crafted by the premier box manufacturer in all of Sweden. Highlighted by the Swedish flag, the innovative folded natural wool fiber interior is eco-colored to match the exterior box. Presented behind this is the manual.

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