About us

All great things have small beginnings. Pansar Sweden® was founded in 2010 by award winning industrial designer Patrik Palovaara. He created a collection of watches in which the execution is powerful, and at the same time simple and functional with a distinct attention to detail. The foundation is a geometric contour with consistent dynamic character lines that develop a modern form, invoking many elements of Swedish design.

A brief history: After producing the watches abroad for eight years it was time to make a change. The time had come to bring the production home and to do what was right in the
heart. To start the journey of producing the watch in Sweden.

Made in Sweden. Made by us.

Patrik searched every corner and turned every stone until he found Tremeco. A small and very talented mechanical manufacturer in Göta, Sweden. Together with the owners of Tremeco, Stefan Göransson and Admir Filipovic they founded PS Manufaktur® (Pansar Sweden Manufaktur). During the following 3 years they set out on an ambitious mission to become a new Swedish watch manufacturer with the long-term goal of becoming an industry leader. Master watchmaker Johan Pelli, a former teacher at Swedish watchmaking school in Borensberg and Wostep watchmaker joined and is the
mastermind of all things mechanical.

We want to establish a real Made-in-Sweden criteria for watches, even higher than the Swiss-Made. For a watch to be considered Swiss-Made its technical development must be carried out in Switzerland, its movement is Swiss, if its movement is cased up in
Switzerland, if the final inspection of the watch is conducted by the manufacturer in Switzerland and at least 60 percent of the manufacturing costs (including R&D costs) are incurred in Switzerland. Meaning case and components can be sourced from other countries. Practically anything Swiss-Made can to the majority have been made somewhere else.

Of course, for a small humble watch manufacturer in the beginning we cannot make everything ourselves. We collaborate with the top movement manufacturers in Switzerland. But with time this is something we are convinced of achieving and is our single goal. With this aim we created a collection of watches inspired by the ideals of
classical form that fit any lifestyle. To ensure a high level of design maturity, Palovaara chose to apply the design methodology of the automobile
industry. This time intensive process places an emphasis on proportions and
dynamic character lines which are crucial to the overall impression. The result
is a collection of watches that speak both rationally and emotionally to the
user. Each watch is treated as a unique sculpture while working with the
proportions to give a harmonious relationship between the different elements of
design. This is our unique look and design signature. It is our identity.

 When you change your perspective and look past
the obvious, you can see things in new ways. You discover opportunities where
many do not see anything at all. Then you’re not only creating a watch. You’re
creating a PS®. At the manufacturing company PS Manufaktur®, creativity marks
the difference in the creation of these iconic, innovative, and stunning
watches. We want to be a leader in ethical and responsible business conduct. At
its heart, this means doing the right thing, when conducting business, how we
behave as employees, treat our workforce and business partners. We want to be a
force for good and have a positive impact on society. PS Manufaktur® always
strives to improve our environmental impact. Sourcing only local partners and
people that share our vision. Producing the watches in our own workshop enables
us to maintain strict quality and sustainability standards. We carefully choose
materials that are ethically sourced, and we minimize waste in the production
process. By crafting each timepiece in-house, we reduce our carbon footprint
and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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