• We celebrate our history in watchmaking with a special anniversary edition.

    Manufactured and assembled in our own workshop.

    We are proud to say
    Made in

    På riktigt!


No. 11 Älvan

Älvan is a human-like creature from the Swedish mythology, similar to an elf or fairy.

She is often a young beautiful female, and one can sometimes see her dancing in the mist. The feminine form of alv, or No.11 (Eleven) is elva in Swedish. Representing our 11:th year and 11:th model.

Alv also means river and is the place of our workshop. Situated on the riverbanks of the Göta alv, flowing through the green rolling valleys of Göta.

We are PS Manufaktur

100 PCS

Limited production
number per year.


Made in Sweden

Manufactured and assembled in our own in-house workshop in Sweden. Using only the finest Swedish materials.



Exclusive & beautifully decorated
 Swiss automatic movement
certified by our own artisan

Driven by our obsession
with perfection.

Every watch is shaped by
pioneering production techniques.

A Signum of Sweden


100% Made in Sweden

A tribute to Swedish craftsmanship.

A Classic



Unlimited commitment of warranty.

Great design should be a lifetime of appreciation.


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