Great design should be a lifetime of appreciation

Terms and conditions for warranty.

For this unique warranty, you must register upon purchase.

Your Pansar watch is a sophisticated and complex mechanical device, designed and constructed using the most
modern watchmaking techniques. It has been assembled and optimized by our own Pansar master watchmakers.
Each piece is finished and assembled by hand.

A watch is a fine mechanical object and as such, it needs to be cared for in exactly the same way as any quality machine such as
a sports car. Through the course of time, the oil in the watch needs to be renewed and the mechanism checked for wear and
tear in exactly the same manner one would never drive a fine car for many thousands of miles without normal servicing.

At Pansar we proudly stand behind our products. Great design is a lifetime of appreciation.
To ensure the quality and longevity of the timepieces we have a free service within 2 years of purchase.
Every 5th year our in-house watchmakers run your timepiece through our thorough service process. Making sure it lasts a lifetime.
The watch must have first been properly serviced within the initial 2-year ownership period.
Conditions are pressure testing yearly and serviced within 5 years at a Pansar authorized service center.

Each Pansar timepiece has a unique serial number connected to the box.
The box is paired with the serial number of the watch and will have the complete history of your timepiece
(date of purchase, servicing, warranty).
For any intervention, please provide this warranty document

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